Bad Brains

In Music on October 7, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Where does Blackness fit into American punk rock and hardcore?

Bad Brains crossed race lines and stood as pioneers of the genre. Hailing from DC, they merged jazz, reggae, metal and punk, cranked it up to ‘lightspeed’ and created a sound that has inspired bands and musicians such as Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Minor Threat, Beastie Boys, and Lil’ Jon, among others. They infused this new sound with an equally exhilarating ethos that influenced an entire generation of music listeners to turn up the dial and embrace this new sound.

“Bad Brains were really one of the great bands that existed of any time”  -Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat

“in the quest for the test to fulfill an achievement
everybody’s only in it for themselves
when the fact of the matter is they just don’t care
to extend a helping hand to anyone else
so tell me why, did you have to lie
and try to make me all confused about the U.S.A.
when the fact of the matter is you just don’t care
to comprehend or understand a single word I say”

“I against I”, Bad Brains


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